Depression in Geriatric Patients (2022)
Depression in Geriatric Patients
This course provides comprehensive information on depression, focusing specifically on how depression may present in the geriatric patient, as well as common conditions and medications that may cause depressive symptoms in an older patient. Expand your knowledge about the impact of depression in older adults, signs and symptoms of depression, and how depression in older adults may be recognized, diagnosed, and managed by a health care provider.

Explore the following depression topics:
• Key facts and information about depression
• Risk factors
• Signs and symptoms
• Screening for and diagnosing depression
• Treatment, including:
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Other treatment modalitie
  • Long-term management
What’s included:
eLearning course with milestone practice tests, and a downloadable companion eHandbook which includes screening tools and a fact sheet.

Continuing Education credits: 4 CEUs G/A/C

Learning Objectives:
• Define and discuss the impact of depression
• Identify causes of depression
• Describe how the brain is affected in depression
• List risk factors for depression
• Identify signs and symptoms of depression
• Discuss screening tools for depression
• Describe how depression is diagnosed by a health care provider
• Identify how depression is managed by the health care provider
• Describe potential adverse effects associated with antidepressant medications
• Trace the steps of the patient journey for depression
• Describe considerations for interacting with patients who have depression

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